Lighting Tips For A Home Library


If you want your home library to be useful, then you have to light it properly. These tips should help you do just that: Aim for Warm and Welcoming Lights School libraries tend to be cold and lonely places, but that is not the kind of aura you want to create for your home library, is it? Your home library should be a warm and welcoming place or room; somewhere you can even come to relax even if you don't want to read.

4 May 2018

Refuting Common Generator Myths


There can be many instances where the power to your home may be compromised or interrupted. Often, this will be due to strong storms damaging the local electrical infrastructure or other disruptions. Generators can be immensely useful during these times, but believing some common myths about them can leave you with an inaccurate understanding of these devices and what they can offer your home. Myth: Generators Are Always Dangerous To Operate

18 March 2018

2 Signs You May Have An Electrical Problem With Your Home Generator


Although you have a backup generator at your house, you may have found yourself without power because the generator did not kick on. While the malfunction could have been caused by mechanical issues, the following signs may point to a problem with your generator's electrical system. Alarms Go Off for No Reason When your generator is working normally, it will set off alarms to alert you of certain problems. Examples of these alarms include one that lets you know when the coolant level is low, as well as an alarm to alert you of when the fuel tank is almost full so you do not overfill it.

13 February 2018

Four Types Of Sensors Your Remote Home Monitors Should Have


A typical home monitoring system integrates different types of sensors for maximum protection. Here are four types of sensors that shouldn't miss in your monitoring system: Water Sensor A water sensor detects the presence of moisture. It's necessary for safeguarding your home against water damages. For example, when you get an alert that water has been detected in areas where it shouldn't be, you can rush home or phone someone to turn off your main water supply.

27 July 2017

Why You Should Get Whole House Surge Protection Immediately


You probably already have surge protection for your computers, your gaming equipment, and perhaps your TVs and amps. But if you're not protecting common yet expensive-to-replace household appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, washer and dryer units, vacuum cleaners, and more, you're way behind the times. Even the simplest of appliances can now be made with sensitive electronic components that can be easily killed by a power surge. Here's some info on how a whole house surge protector can help prevent this.

11 November 2016

When Sparks Fly: Understanding A Sparking Outlet


If you've ever plugged in an appliance only to see a spark come from the outlet, you may be worried that there's something wrong with your wiring. While seeing those blue sparks come from the outlet can be startling, it's not always something to be concerned about. Understanding what causes it and when you should call an electrician can help you to protect your home and ease your worries. Why Do Outlets Spark?

24 August 2016

Troubleshooting Common Electrical Problems With Your Residential Water Well Pump


That well water pump that you have in place to provide your home with the water it needs may run for years without a single problem, but eventually, these pumps can start to wane and have problems as they age. Unfortunately many of the problems that can come about with an aging well water pump will be electrical. However, the good news is this: Most electrical issues with a well water pump are easy to diagnose and easy for an electrician to repair.

22 July 2016